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Alpaca Duvet Inserts – Warm, Cool and Organic!

Alpaca duvet inserts are rapidly becoming the duvet insert of choice for both the health-conscious and those who have allergies to down and other feathers. They have all the warmth of down, and give your bed a cozy, layer suitable for both winter and summer. Alpaca duvet inserts also have the advantage of being breathable, thus ensuring that you won’t wake up sweaty in the middle of the night. They are also available in both winter and summer weights to ensure that you don’t feel weighed down by a heavy winter duvet during the summer months. Of course, depending upon what temperature you keep your bedroom, you might prefer to forego a summer-weight duvet insert, and stick with just one weight year-round.

Winter Weight
Summer Weight

While not every alpaca duvet out there is organic, even the non-organic ones are considerably healthier to have around than your average polyester fiberfill duvet insert. This is because almost every alpaca duvet insert on the market is made entirely from natural ingredients like alpaca wool and cotton. You see, polyester is plastic. For this reason, polyester, as well as any other synthetic material used in the manufacture of duvet inserts, is always subject to outgassing. Outgassing is the process by which plastics release tiny particles of their breakdown products into the air of your home. While this site is not up to a full explanation of the chemical processes of outgassing, nor the havoc it can wreak on a body, we do wish to assist the many health-conscious individuals who prefer to surround themselves with as many natural and organic products as possible. For this reason we can happily recommend Crescent Moon Brand duvet inserts!

Crescent Moon offers both organic and non-organic alpaca duvet inserts, with the organic being slightly more expensive due to the greater expense of raising the alpacas in an organic manner. All models feature 100% cotton fabric in a 230 (non-organic) or 260 (organic) thread count on the outside, and of course the organic ones also use organic cotton in their covers.

Also available are alpaca mattress pads/toppers. If you want or need the warmth of a feather bed, but you (or your spouse) can’t tolerate down due to allergies, these are an excellent option! They are also great for folks with arthritis, as the warmth they hold soothes aching joints. Of course, they work just as well for people whose body temperature simply runs a little low as they sleep, too! Alpaca makes a fabulous replacement for a feather pillow, as well. While alpaca bedding products do contain wool, thanks to their 100% cotton covers they are not itchy or irritant to those who are sensitive to having wool against their skin. This makes the 100% hypo-allergenic, and suitable for even children and infants (and the duvet inserts do come in crib sizes, both organic and non-organic).

Mattress Topper

Of course, alpaca isn’t the only option when it comes to organic duvet inserts; you’ll find other organic options discussed here. So what the heck is an alpaca, anyway? Well, it’s like a smaller cousin of a llama. They are raised primarily for wool, since they are too small to carry heavy loads like their larger cousins. Their wool is soft, fluffy, and an excellent insulator. Alpacas are now raised all over the world, though they originated in South America. Here is what an alpaca looks like before it is shorn (thanks to ginsnob for the photo):