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Breakdown of Bamboo Duvet Cover Options

The popularity of bamboo textiles has been slowly growing over the past decade, and has expanded to include just about everything imaginable that’s made with fabric. From clothes to towels to bed linens, you can now find a huge selection of products made from this fast-growing and easily-renewed plant resource. As you might expect, bamboo duvet covers are now becoming more and more popular, so I wanted to give you a breakdown of the options that are currently available in the market.

Wait, won’t bamboo fabric be scratchy?

Not at all! You see, it’s not as though they simply chop up the bamboo and weave it into fabric. The modern manufacturing process involves breaking down the cellulose of the bamboo, then spinning it into a yarn called viscose. The resulting fabrics which are woven with this viscose (sometimes called viscose, sometimes called rayon) are very soft, without being as snag-prone as silk and satin. As with other textiles, there will be some variation based upon the thread count of the fabric. It’s also important to note that viscose can be made from other plant materials as well, so make sure you check descriptions to determine what percentage of the fiber actually comes from bamboo.

Bamboo Duvet Covers

BambooDuvetCover1If you crave the softness and luxury that only a 100% bamboo duvet cover can give, you’ll probably want to check out the options by BedVoyage. They are available in sizes from Twin to King, and offered in many fashionable colors. Conveniently, most of their duvet covers are reversible, featuring a different color on each side, which automatically doubles the number of looks you can achieve with a single investment. For example, the mocha and plum combo, shown at right (and available here in the Comfort Market store of Unbeatable Sale: Twin, Full, Queen, King) offers you two subdued, modern tones in one.

Of course, if you’d like your sheets to match, BedVoyage also manufactures high-quality sheet sets in both shades as well – you could even get a set of each and change your bedroom colors every time you wash! These sheets are getting rave reviews over on Amazon, though Amazon’s prices are not always lowest. By all means, check them out, but be sure to try Unbeatable Sale as well. Here’s a link to the plum sheet sets, and the mocha sheet sets may be found here. Last but not least, if plum and mocha aren’t your style, make sure you browse all of their color selections by clicking here.

Oriental Duvet CoverNatori is another popular manufacturer, and they have some of the most elegant and colorful bedding designs on the market – many of them featuring bamboo fiber. It should be noted, however, that most of their offerings are only partly bamboo, usually blended with cotton in a roughly 50/50 mix. This allows their fabrics to carry a variety of levels of sheen and patterning that other manufacturers simply cannot offer. I can only fit one picture in, but the photo at left (of a set named “Geisha,” and available here) should give you an idea of just how sumptuous and bold Natori’s designs are. And of course you can purchase everything from the fitted sheet on up to a dozen different decorative pillows and shams, so you’ll never be left on your own trying to accessorize a Natori design.

The best selection and pricing I found on Natori bamboo duvet covers is here at Designer Living. Amazon also carries a handful of Natori designs, but I was disappointed to find that they are often low or out of stock, or don’t carry all of the accessories. Still, since they are good for low prices, it’s worth a look to see if they carry the one you’re most interested in; you can view their Natori duvet cover selection here, and perhaps save a few dollars.

Pinstripe Bamboo Duvet CoverIf you are looking for a simple yet elegant bamboo duvet cover, try this one (closeup at right). It’s design is a simple, go-with-anything white, and the pricing is the most affordable I found on any bamboo duvet cover. Yet it still features thoughtful four-corner opening for easy insertion and removal of the duvet when cleaning. In addition, it’s made by Natural Comfort, the same people that make the silk duvet insert I own and recommend, so I would imagine it’s pretty high quality.

Pure Fiber was the least popular brand of bamboo duvet cover I found online. While they are carried by several better-name stores, such as The Ultimate Green Store, their reviews are not nearly as positive as the reviews for other brands. Specifically, folks seem to have complaints about the construction quality. This reviewer mentioned that the duvet was not correctly sewn when it arrived, and two others complained that the seams began falling apart after one or more washings. So while the color choice and fabric softness of Pure Fiber bamboo duvet covers may be adequate, I wouldn’t recommend them until the reviews begin reflecting that they have dealt with their construction quality issues.

Bamboo Duvet Inserts, Too?

Odor Absorbing Duvet InsertIncidentally, there is also at least one duvet insert made with bamboo fiber, though not quite the same fiber as viscose. I stumbled onto this while doing my research on bamboo duvet covers, and was genuinely surprised to find this item. It’s called a bamboo charcoal duvet insert, and apparently the filling is either made of or with (I couldn’t find it specified) bamboo charcoal. This supposedly gives the duvet insert the ability to absorb a nearly unlimited amount of odors. Check it out for yourself by clicking here.

I have to admit, I was skeptical when I read this, until I did a little more research. There are quite a few other bamboo charcoal products on the market, and like this set of bamboo charcoal stalks, they are all renowned for their ability to absorb odors – a claim which seems to be backed up by the reviews. So if you happen to be in the unpleasant situation of being a non-smoker living with a smoker, for example, like this reviewer, then this duvet insert may be exactly what the doctor (or at least the housekeeper) ordered!