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Cal King Duvet Cover Sets

Cal king size beds, also known as California king size beds, are an increasingly popular size across the country, not just in California! Unlike the nearly-square “Eastern” or regular king-size bed (which has dimensions of 76 inches by 80 inches) Cal kings are geared more toward the taller set. They have dimensions of 72 inches by 84 inches, making them a tad skinnier than an Eastern king and a bit longer than any other mattress on the market.

Since most regular king-size bed accessories simply won’t fit their taller, skinnier cousins, you might be wondering where can you find all the essentials, including Cal king duvet covers, you need to outfit one of these unusually-sized mattresses. While you may have some luck at your local department stores, you will have even better luck at a specialty bed and bath retailer. To obtain the greatest selection of options, however, you will need to expand your search to include online retailers. In addition to an excellent selection, you’ll also find some deep discount prices online, thanks to the lack of rent and other overhead online stores enjoy in contrast to brick-and-mortar retailers.

Retailers such as Blancho Bedding and Domestications carry everything to cover your Cal king mattress from extra deep mattress pads and bed skirts to high thread-count sheets and fluffy comforters. You can even change your bedroom with the seasons, if you are so inclined, using finds like this stunning Bloomingdale Duvet Set (shown at right), available in Cal King size, among others.

Once you’ve got your basics covered, then you’ll likely want to get serious about the ease of changing the look of your room. Or perhaps you just want to protect the investment you’ve made in your gorgeous Cal King down comforter. Whatever the reason, Cal king duvet cover sets will likely be your next step in outfitting your new mattress! Even if you don’t have a coordinated set to go with your mattress, you can save money by choosing a duvet set. Some Cal king duvet cover sets contain as little as a duvet (comforter) cover and two pillow shams; these are perfect for changing the look of your room quickly, easily and inexpensively. Other sets, such as the stunning Brenda collection shown at left, include enough to get you started from scratch, such as bed skirt, multiple pillows and/or shams, comforters and duvets. In fact, some, such as this 19-piece set, even include sheets and pillow cases! What you’ll want to look for is the number of pieces, as well as the full description of the item, so that you know precisely what comes with the set you’re interested in.