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Cheap Duvet Insert Review

It seems that there is a great demand these days for cheap duvet inserts. Whether you’re just looking for something to get you through one winter, or you’ve got a problem pet who’s prone to accidents, a cheap duvet insert is the answer to many a vexing problem. So I’ve endeavored to review the best of the cheapies here for you, since there are quite a lot to choose from. Rather than search the clearance pages of the big-name retailers (since they’d likely be sold out by the time you read this), I focus primarily on offerings from Amazon – both because they generally carry deep stock, and because of their excellent review system. Of course, if you’d prefer to head straight to Amazon and bushwhack through their offerings yourself, you can do that right here.

Cheapest of the Cheap (but still with good reviews)

In the under $50 range, there is very little to keep you warm that won’t fall apart after one washing, but I did find one standout – the “down alternative” duvet insert shown at right. While a couple of reviewers have complained that it isn’t as fluffy as they expected, most seem to have had more reasonable expectations of their cheap duvet insert, and were not disappointed. Let’s face it, you’re not going to get the super-fluffy-cloud-softness of an $800 down comforter for less than fifty dollars! But if you’re simply looking for a reasonably warm filler for your duvet cover, and you don’t live in an ice hotel, one of these should have you good to go. Bonuses: FREE shipping AND it’s hypoallergenic. Here are links direct to the size you need for your bed (note that price does vary slightly by size): King, Full/Queen, Twin

Low End, but Still a Good Brand

Cheap Duvet InsertOn the next rung up the ladder, I found these heavy “goose down alternative” duvets by Natural Comfort. Now, I can’t speak from experience about this exact duvet, but I can say that I own and use a silk duvet insert by Natural Comfort, and it is da bomb! Judging by the many pleased reviews about this cheaper offering of theirs, though, its quality and price are similarly well-matched. The only drawback I could see is that it doesn’t appear to be available in a Twin size. Still, you could just go with the Full, and enjoy having a little extra overlap. You can view its reviews here, or more information about the product right here. And once again, you get both free shipping and a hypoallergenic duvet!

Best Cheap Duvet Insert with Genuine Down Fill

If you simply must have a down duvet insert, but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for the high-end models, what’s your best choice? Well, the first thing I would say is if you don’t go with my upcoming suggestion, make sure to carefully read the details of whatever you do choose. I saw more than one duvet insert listing that proudly proclaimed “goose down” in its title, but when you read down the page a bit you learned that they might contain as little as 5% of actual goose down!

JoJo Designs Down comforterSo, to avoid such a trap, I would suggest going with this model by JoJo Designs. While it is not the absolute cheapest down duvet insert on offer (there is one which runs about $10 less) it has better reviews, and no reports (as of this writing) of the obnoxious feather leakage that owners of the cheaper model have mentioned. The 600+ fill power of this duvet, along with the 300 thread count of its covering, should give you admirable warmth with less leakage than your average cheap duvet. Here again we have a reduced selection of sizes available (just Queen and King), but if you’re like me, a little more blankie on the bed is a good thing, especially if the point is to keep warm! Click here to see the details about this insert, as well as its reviews.