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Duvet Insert Styles

You’ve had one of THOSE weeks that have lasted forever. All you want to do is go home and take a long hot bath with a little something to calm the stress out of your muscles. Then curl up in a nice comfortable bed with either a good book or your favorite show playing on the TV. With the water running in the bathtub, you go in and turn down your covers to make sure everything is ready when the bath is over. After taking a second to look around the room you think everything is just the way you want it. But is it? Let’s see the room the lighting and the bed look nice and inviting, but there is something missing among the covers.

Remember when you used to sleep over at your grandmother’s house? When you crawled into her bed there was just something nice and comfy that made you feel warm and safe. That was a duvet insert. You might also have heard them called comforters, but whatever name your family used, they’re usually filled with some type of feathers or down. Just think if you could get that same feeling cozy feeling after your long hot bath. Snuggle down in your very own duvet insert and let your mind and body just drift away.

Duvet inserts have come a long way from grandma’s day. They are still made with feathers and down. But now the allergens are removed and there is a down-proof barrier between you and the feathers, such as the down-proof cotton insert shown at right. But plain white down is by no means the only option! We can have everything from a thinner summer weight duvet insert to the full thick winter warming pile, with a flannel duvet cover for an extra cozy later of insulation. They also now come in colors and patterns along with the traditional white everyone remembers so well. And of course there’s a huge selection from cal king duvet covers to twin-sized, brightly colored organic duvet inserts available. so regardless of whether you’re trying to complement your decor, remove chemicals from your sleeping environment, or give your bedroom a mini-makeover, you’re sure to find the duvet option that’s right for you!

So now back to that room and long hot bath. The bath water is still running and again you survey the room to make sure everything is the way you want it. Now though, when you look at the bed, it looks so much more inviting because of that wonderful fluffy duvet you have resting on top of your sheets. Ahh…now to settle down for that long Friday night into Saturday sleep you have been looking forward to all week. Enjoy your bath and your new duvet insert. Sweet Dreams!