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Flannel Duvet Covers and Other Wintertime Accoutrements

After a long, hot summer, I, for one, really look forward to winter. While I do have a summer-weight duvet insert, and keep the thermostat a little low for the warm months, I prefer the naturally chilly temperatures and snowfall of winter. I think there’s nothing better than making a crackling fire in the fireplace and curling up on the sofa with a cup of hot chocolate in my hands as I settle in to watch my favorite shows. It’s a delightful way to pass a crisp winter evening!

Naturally, wintertime is only comfortable if you can stay cozy. If you’re continually cold or if (heaven forbid) you can see your own breath inside your house, that’s a very different scenario. I am fortunate to know that I’ll be warm and toasty thanks to my electric blanket, my king-size flannel duvet cover, and of course my thermal underwear.

An electric blanket has been a necessity for me for as long as I can remember. It doesn’t need to be set to a particularly high temperature; I simply find that my feet are always cold, so I’ve found that an electric blanket, paired with a flannel duvet cover really does the trick. If I didn’t have these accessories in my bedroom, I’d likely feel the need to run my furnace all night every night, which would undoubtedly send my gas bill through the roof. Naturally I don’t want that, so an electric blanket it is!

Flannel Duvet Cover

Next on my list of needful winter bedroom accents is a flannel duvet cover (click here to see the most reasonably priced flannel duvet covers online; click on the photo above to see details on that beautiful cover). I own several duvet covers so I can simply change them as I do the laundry each week. My flannel duvet covers help me retain heat, and are much softer against my skin than the other kinds of duvet covers I own. I can’t fathom trying to make it through the wintertime without my soft flannel covers.

Finally, I believe thermal underwear is an absolute necessity for staying toasty when the mercury dips below freezing outdoors. Thermals are convenient, as they  can be worn beneath both regular clothing and sleepwear. I can wear a set underneath my dressy attire at the office and then simply change into another pair for running around the house when I get home. I prefer super-soft silk thermals, as they are extremely comfy, and they help immensely in insulating me against both the stinging winds outside, and the chill which tends to set in while sitting for a spell at home.

So! If you would like to spend less of your cash on energy bills this winter, while staying cozy, warm and comfy both within your home and without, then I would strongly suggest you make sure you have some thermal underwear, an electric blanket, and a flannel duvet cover on hand. These three additions to your home are inexpensive, and will keep you warm and safe while you sleep. They will also allow you to lower the temperature on your thermostat, and begin to benefit from those savings right away. And if you have other family members living with you, bear in mind that you’ll want to invest in these items for everyone. Even if you have to buy these things for a five-person family, these are investments that will save you money for years to come, so start shopping today!