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Norske California King Duvet Insert

Norske California King Duvet InsertHere is a duvet that might excite anyone who wants to have a truly warm night any time of the year. The Norske California King Duvet Insert is a marvel of duvet innovation, perfect for the upcoming long nights of winter. For most duvets, becoming more and more high tech means giving up the rustic luxuries of rural Europe where the first duvets were made, but that is not so with the this duvet insert. Its unique, yet extremely useful and luxurious design was made with an eye toward pleasing customers who not only delight in the benefits of a good duvet but also those who want a duvet with enough flexibility for year round use. The Norske California King Duvet Insert is a product made to fulfil both requirements.

Interestingly, the Norske is quite difficult to locate in a California king size. Almost every other size is very common, but the only reputable online outlet I’ve found for the California size is Bellacor. Luckily, Bellacor has a habit of discounting almost everything in their catalog! Click here to view their current, discounted price for the Norske California king size duvet.

Made by Daniadown, this high-quality duvet insert is filled with nothing but premium North American processed White Goose Down, which exceeds most regular down standards. It has a very unique triangle-wall structure which gives it exceptional durability and usefulness. If this was not enough, the Norske California King Duvet Insert also comes with an exclusive comfort guarantee to ensure that the quality of the duvet remains for years to come.

With a loft of 600+, this duvet insert is certainly warm enough to qualify as a winter-weight duvet insert. Its long baffle design adds clean lines to your decor, and the impressive 280 thread count makes it very resilient indeed! The pure, snow white cotton gives the Norske California King Duvet Insert the ability to blend perfectly into most bedroom designs almost makes you feel as though you were sleeping on a cloud. Or you could cover it with any California king duvet cover to change its look with your mood. But if you are worried about the filling, give your mind some rest. The 52 ounces of filling makes sure that this puffy insert not only makes it look like you are floating in the heavens, but you feel like it too. That’s over three pounds of filling, meaning that this duvet will drape over you, eliminating cold air pockets and errant drafts.

One question that often comes up is how long a certain duvet insert lasts. Happily, the folks making the Norske offer a much better guarantee (or pair of guarantees…read on) than almost any other manufacturer. This duvet has a 5-year comfort guarantee which means even the slightest bit of discomfort you experience with this will be rectified. As a second layer of security, it also comes with a 10-year regular use guarantee. All this to say that Daniadown has put everything they know about making excellent, high-quality down comforters into making the Norske California King Duvet Insert an ideal choice for your winter-weight duvet needs. Click here to check prices and stock at Bellacor before winter settles in and you really need it!