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Organic Duvet Insert Options

When shopping for an organic duvet insert, you may think there is only one way to go: organic cotton. The reality, however, is that there are actually many fabric and filling options, and you will likely want to consider them all before making your purchase. Also, remember that not everyone calls them by the name “duvet insert;” An organic item called a “comforter” will provide the same warmth, and fit into all of your duvet covers in exactly the same way. Some folks split hairs, and insist that only feather-filled bed coverings may be called duvets, but I say if it’s organic and it fits your needs, use it! This will help you expand your options immensely, and you may also find that an organic comforter will come in a prettier cover pattern, giving you yet another option to add color to your bedroom.

When looking into organic duvet inserts, probably the most common cotton alternative is wool. While wool usually comes from sheep, there is also an alternative option: alpaca duvet inserts. If you’ve already read that article, though, and prefer to stick with something more traditional, we’ve still got you covered. Holy Lamb Organics is a very well-respected manufacturer of organic wool products, and their line includes hundreds of items from down-like wool-filled pillows to changing table pads. One of their cleverest products, though is a dual weight comforter, which caters to couples who can never agree on whether the thermostat is set too high or too low. Essentially, the two sides of this comforter have different fill levels of organic wool, so that each person can have their preferred level of warmth. If you’re like me, and live in a “high temperature spouse vs. low temperature spouse” household, you really should check these out!

Organic silk is probably the most expensive among the options an organic shopper has to choose from, but it is also indisputably the most luxurious. If you are looking for the ultimate experience in organic comforters, this is the way to go. You must shop carefully, however. There are a great many silk comforters on the market, but only a few are truly organic. In fact, we had difficulty sourcing any organic duvet inserts made entirely of silk. However, if the prices on these“>prices on these non-organic silk duvet inserts are any indication, you can expect to pay a pretty penny when you do find them.

Last but not least, there is the old standby of cotton. As with the other materials commonly used for making an organic duvet insert, you must watch the tags (and often, the reviews of these, to make sure that you are dealing with the amount of organic content you prefer. While some may be pleased to purchase an organic duvet insert which has organic cotton next to the skin, and save a little money by going with natural (not organic) cotton in the batting (as seen with this style), others feel it is important for the entire duvet to be made of 100% organic cotton, or else there is no point in going organic in the first place. Incidentally, if you fall into the first camp, Blancho Bedding‘s huge online store consists of beautiful, colorful prints which are made with 100% organic cotton on the outside, printed only with non-toxic dyes, and their batting is never treated with chlorine (bleach) or formaldehyde.