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Silk Duvet Insert Possibilities

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When you’re in the market for a silk duvet insert, you have one major choice to make, and then dozens of smaller ones. The primary choice you need to make is, do you want a duvet insert that is filled with silk, or one that is simply covered in silk. Once you’ve determined which of these styles you want, then the remaining choices are among the many variations of each. Here I’ll give a brief overview of why you might want each type, as well as examples of each, to try to make your decisions a bit simpler. Before we get into this, however, I should note that I look at duvets and comforters interchangeably; while purists might argue that only down-filled blankets may be called duvets, I tend to believe anyone in the market for a silk duvet insert has likely already dispensed with that strict definition.

Silk Duvet Inserts – On the Inside

Silk-filled duvet inserts are by far the more popular of the two options. If you are looking for an insert which is filled with silk, we have a number of excellent suggestions for you. You might first consider the weight you’re looking for. Silk is actually one of the most popular insert fillings for summer-weight duvet inserts, although they do come in heavier winter weights, such as the one shown at right, as well.

The features which make silk-filled duvet inserts so popular are their beautiful drape and excellent heat retention and distribution properties. By “drape,” I’m referring to the way the silk-filled comforter settles around you, and hugs close so as to eliminate all the annoying air gaps caused by stiffer duvet fillings. This helps it distribute and retain heat very evenly, avoiding both cold spots and overheating. Since silk is a natural fiber, and somewhat porous, it can also breathe, meaning that you are unlikely to have any problems with sweating when using a silk-filled insert. As an extra added bonus, the tight weave of silk makes it highly unlikely that it will ever be infiltrated by allergens such as dust mites and pet dander. With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why duvet inserts filled with silk are hugely popular right now!

Silk Duvet Inserts Next to Your Skin

Some folks are simply looking for the softness and sheer joy of having silk next to their skin as they sleep…and who can blame them! For folks who are seeking this type of luxury, a silk duvet insert with their preferred filling is generally available. Note that most such duvets do have a certain amount of cotton in their coverings (although these gorgeous sari duvet covers are an exception); in fact I have seen only one duvet that has a 100% silk covering, and that is the Empress brand pictured above. Others either have a cotton/silk blend, or silk on one side and cotton on the reverse. Of these options, I would most heartily recommend the cotton/silk blends, such as the one by Royal Hotel pictured at left. They are very high thread-count, so they give their owners the silky soft experience they crave, while the tight weave ensures that down filling does not leak out. They are also more durable and a bit less prone to snagging than pure silk.