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Silk Sari Duvet Sets

Whether you are looking to bring a touch of the orient into your bedroom, or you are just looking for a king duvet set with the brilliant colors or metallic accents you can only find on sari silks, you will want to consider these sari duvet sets! The silks used to make these king duvet sets by Indian Selections are like those that you have previously seen only on the ceremonial saris worn by brides and during other formal occasions.

Many of these beautiful sari duvets have dainty patterns worked in zari (metallic) thread, just enough to set off the deep, rich colors of the silk. These simple yet luxurious duvets come in vivid colors like orchid and electric blue, and feature delicate edging designs in matching metallics. Or you can find more elaborate, ornate designs, with much more the same metallic gold or silver stitching used to impart an opulence that you won’t find in any other type of bedding, such as these options in emerald green and sunshine yellow.

These delicate and intricate fabrics are surprisingly tough, being made of silk, though they can be snagged. So if you have kitties or puppies that are prone to climbing all over your bed, you might want to consider the greater durability offered by such fabrics as micro suede and good old-fashioned cotton.

Some are available as duvets alone though most come as 7-piece sets. Like most king duvet sets, these feature a discreet button closure on the duvet, and each duvet comes with several pillow shams and cushion covers. The pillow shams measure 17 inches by 27 inches, and the cushion covers measure 16 inches square. The king duvet measures 104 inches by 90 inches, so you can be sure that it will cover your eastern king-size comforter or duvet insert. If you happen to have a California King size bed, you’re also in luck! They offer these same high-quality, sari duvet covers to fit a California King bed as well, and these measure 110 inches by 96 inches. Of course, these gorgeous sari silk duvet sets are also available in Queen, Full and Twin sizes, so don’t despair if you own a size other than king!

Probably the coolest thing about these sari duvet sets, though, is the fact that you don’t have to stop at just the bed, or even the bedroom. You can easily pick up everything to coordinate your new duvet set with the rest of your room, or even the whole house! Indian Selections offers coordinating draperies in both plain and embellished sari silk, matching wall hangings, even sari silk table runners, tablecloths and napkins!

So don’t hesitate to explore the world of vibrant Indian sari silks. Sari duvets and other sari silk accessories for your home are beautiful and durable, and will give your living spaces a distinctive flair sure to be admired by all who visit!