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Summer Weight Duvet Inserts – Know Your Options

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Summer is here across the USA, and everyone is searching for the perfect summer duvet insert to keep them comfortable during the warmer months. There are several options for a sumer duvet insert, and which you choose will depend on several factors, including allergies, budget, and personal preference. Here’s the rundown, starting with the best first:

Allergy Sufferers Rejoice!

Allergy-friendly duvet inserts have come a long way since I was a kid. I have had a lifelong feather allergy, which has prevented me from enjoying both the comfort of feather pillows and the warmth of feather insulation in all of its forms – jackets, duvets, you name it. When I was young, this pretty much meant I had to do without quality in such products. Thankfully, the range and caliber of options available today has greatly expanded!

One of the best products available these days in a summer weight (and the one I use myself) is the Natural Comfort silk-filled comforter/duvet insert for summer. It is available in both King and California King sizes (as well as twin and queen), so those of you with cal king duvet sets can breathe easy too. It’s filled with hypoallergenic silk, and has a cotton cover. The weight of this amazing duvet insert is just marvelous! It’s light enough (and breathable enough) that you don’t sweat during the night, yet it’s just heavy and drapey enough that it settles over your body without creating all the chilly gaps I’ve had with more cheaply made inserts. Actually, regardless of whether or not you have allergies, this is definitely the summer-weight duvet insert I would recommend most highly. Incidentally, this type of comforter is also available in a winter weight, which I can also highly recommend.

Other options for folks with allergies include the whole range of “down alternative” duvet inserts. Generally these are made using polyester fiberfill, though the quality and how much they resemble true down can vary immensely. Better Than Down, which is a registered trademark of Brookstone, is one of the most highly rated kinds, and as you can see here, gets rave reviews. The one complaint I see is that, although it claims to be an “all season” comforter/duvet insert, some do find it too warm for summer use. Another drawback to this brand of duvet insert is that it does not appear to come in Cal King size.

If you’d prefer not to go with the silk-filled duvet insert, and don’t want to chance buying something others have described as too heavy for summer use, you can check out all the options Amazon has to offer by clicking here. I always recommend Amazon because their rating and review system is so extensive; it’s much better than buying blind!

Down is Still an Option…Even in Summer!

For those who don’t share my allergy issues, there are numerous lightweight down duvet inserts which are suitable for summer use. While higher is better, in terms of the fill power of down, when it comes to staying warm in the winter, you can go with much lower fill power numbers in the summer, which will also equate to considerable savings! This model, for example, has down equivalent to 550 fill power, and the price usually runs well below $200. Compared to the nearly $700 you’d spend on a high-quality 800 fill power model like this one, you can see where the summer-weight duvet inserts are a steal!

For the Extremely Budget Conscious

Of course, while I would definitely recommend investing in the best summer-weight duvet insert you can afford, there may be times or circumstances where you’re not looking to spend a lot of money; for example, when selecting linens for a rarely-used guest bedroom. In cases such as this, you will likely want to avoid relatively expensive materials such as silk and down, and stick with the polyester fiberfill for your duvet insert. While you can’t expect cheap duvet inserts to perform as well as high-end ones, this insert (seen at left) gets a solid four stars, and will set you back less than $70 (though prices do occasionally vary).